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Shane speaking to a room full of students

The Battier Take Charge Foundation has a vested, personal interest in each student involved in our academic programs. We are fully committed to enhancing their lives in whatever ways we can, through educational and personal development opportunities.

We host Scholars Retreats every other summer, where all Scholars both past and present are invited to join us in Michigan for four days of workshops, relationship building, and the opportunity to learn from a vast network of professionals and community leaders committed to our cause. We offer academic grants to empower scholars to pursue educational opportunities beyond their college campuses, funding experiences like study abroad programs, national student exchanges, and professional examination review courses. We have helped secure housing, provided transportation, and counseled students in times of transition between campuses and majors.

Whatever the need, our students know that Take Charge is committed to their success.

Shane and a student in the library
students group photo
Student filling form