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Battier North is our newest program, created in partnership with Ellen and Daryl Morey to aid in the educational development of student leaders from Camden Academy Charter High School (part of the Camden Charter School Network). Closely resembling the GUIDE Program, Battier North focuses on providing comprehensive college access resources and support to students, while encouraging them to pursue a college degree. We currently have 31 students enrolled who are actively engaged in weekly seminars and workshops focused on the college process and exposure to career opportunities. A dedicated Program Manager oversees all activities, as well as student progress and development. All students will receive scholarships and technology stipends upon graduation.



Students enrolled in inaugural class


in Scholarships expected to be awarded in 2023


hours of college access programming for each student per academic year

Our BTCF team, including our dedicated mentors, strives to impress upon our students that earning a college degree is an attainable and meaningful step towards a bright future. We take an active role in encouraging and guiding them, and are committed to providing the resources they need to achieve success in college and beyond.

The Battier North Program will welcome a new cohort of 15+ scholars from Camden Academy each year, with plans for additional expansion.
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