Battier Scholars Retreat Apr 28 - May 1, 2022 Gregory Michigan

We hosted our third Battier Scholars Retreat from June 7th-10th in Gregory, Michigan.

22 of our Take Charge Scholars from around the country descended on Shane and Heidi’s lake house for a long weekend full of personal and professional development opportunities, self reflection and improvement, and relationship building, among a host of other activities.

The Take Charge Team feels strongly about extending their relationships with and investment in their scholars, far beyond the financial support they are awarded as part of the program. The Leadership Retreat was born from a desire to get to know our Scholars better and have them know and learn from one another, all while providing them with additional support and resources to help them achieve their goals.

Workshops presented included Finding Your Voice – Public Speaking Tools and Tips, Give & Take – Generalized Reciprocity, and Discovering Your Authentic Self. We practiced yoga as a group, explored guided meditation, hiked through the woods, enjoyed the lake, and adventured to Revel & Roll in Ann Arbor for a high-stakes bowling contest. We performed improv together, played cards and games as a group, an enjoyed S’mores over a roaring bonfire. All the makings of a perfect weekend at the lake!

On top of the structured sessions, the entire group had time to let loose and just enjoy being together. Relationships were strengthened and reignited, and many new ones were formed. Tears were shed, hugs were offered, and a genuine sense of community and caring flourished. These outstanding 22 Battier Scholars made the trip to Michigan to be inspired, but they were truly the ones providing inspiration. The conversations had, bonds formed, and laughs shared will not soon be forgotten.

We wish to offer a special thanks to Virginia Heyburn, Jim Kochalka, Jim Warner and Larry Freed for lending their talents and voices to our weekend – we truly could not have done it without you!